CELEBRITY Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, October 12:


Someone will make it obvious they’re hoping for your help and support. This will cause you a lot of inconvenience. Even so, in doing them a favour this week, they may well pull a few strings for you in November. When you need help in the future, you can count on them. Entertaining at home will be a huge success thanks to a happy blend of friendly company and your wonderful talents as a host. Hosting a last-minute gathering will be fun.


A friend who has some strange tastes will invite you to a religious or cultural event. All should go well providing you persuade them to stick to convention and not to indulge in any kind of outrageous behaviour. News concerning an old friend will bring mixed feelings. What was once important to you may not mean anything anymore and you could be surprised by how easy it has been, emotionally, to move on.


A team effort might hit a few problems. Although you will not have planned to take control, the only way to move forward will be to take over some responsibilities singlehandedly. A jealous rival will try to undermine your confidence. Don’t let them. You’re making some exciting plans for the future. This may mean pulling out of arrangements that aren’t as much fun as you expected. They’re also taking up far too much of your time.


There is too little common ground between you and a team you are working with. An ongoing disagreement within a group is preventing a team effort from moving forward. It could well be a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth. The best way to avoid frustration is to focus on your own affairs. Someone you disagreed with earlier in the month might get in touch with the intention of clearing up a matter that caused contention. You aren’t ready to discuss sensitive issues.


Seize a chance to try something new. You’ve never stopped recently and a change of scenery or routine will make you realise you can’t continue at this frantic pace. Unless you reduce your commitments, you will suffer burnout. You get to receive some first-class news about future travel plans which is gratifying. It will be a relief to escape the pressures of work and family life and explore unfamiliar places. A change of scene will be therapeutic.


Returning to a project that had to be put on the back burner earlier in the year will feel like one of the best things you’ve done lately. You had forgotten how much pleasure some jobs could be and although it has taken longer than planned to complete, you could receive recognition for you’re a job well done. If you’re thinking about buying a new car or computer, this is something you don’t want to rush into. Research into various models before making your final choice.


A friend will postpone plans already made because they can’t afford it. You will be disappointed but you also understand. You might even come up with alternative ideas that are more affordable so you can still enjoy each other’s company. You could do with some help with a work-related project. Even though your status in the eyes of your employer is high, there are still aspects of your job where you would appreciate some guidance.


Someone in the family is spending as if there was no tomorrow. You are ready to make some changes to the domestic budget as you can’t afford to handle their debts as well as your own. If a problem between you and a relative you are always clashing with won’t go away, it is time to issue an ultimatum. Your future prospects could take a knock if you ask a colleague for any form of favour. It would be best, for now, to battle on, on your own.


New routines are being established and these will work far better than you thought. A loved one who never takes too kindly to change will actually adjust to these changes with surprising ease. You have more time to focus on a job you want to get finished. It will take steady effort to keep this project rolling forwards but it will be worth it. You might find the help of a Virgo or Taurus friend of benefit.


Something someone says in the heat of the moment should not be taken seriously. They are blowing things out of all proportion and for this reason a difference of opinion should be kept in perspective. It would be a shame to let one mistake come between you and a friend. Failing to plan ahead or a lack of organisation will inevitably result in a project coming to a halt. You just haven’t got the time to give this matter your full attention.


If money has been tight, the tide of financial fortune is about to turn. Expect to see a gradual increase in income. You might use some extra money to fund a creative dream. Accept an impromptu travel or social invitation. You could do with a change of scenery and it does you good to surrender to a desire for fun every once in a while. A good turn will be repaid.


An unbreakable date fixed some time ago suggests you will be entertaining a few friends or relatives. Although this will be pleasant enough, it will also be time consuming. You may need to plan your time carefully over the next few days or you won’t get a moment’s peace from interfering do-gooders. Someone in the workplace is trying to turn molehills into mountains. You can do without this kind of drama.