The people of Marlow have shown their sadness after a shop owner revealed how his business is struggling, seven months after opening.

Mohamed Farhi, who owns Marlow Green on Morris Place, opened the store in March and initially had a very successful two months.

However, since the end of May, the Italian shop owner now averages 10-15 customers a day and is now worried about how long the new grocery store will last.

READ MORE: Owner of Marlow Green worried following a decline in sales, seven months after opening

He expressed his dejectedness to the Bucks Free Press, but he hopes his luck will change over the winter months.

Following the revelation, readers have shared their sympathy on social media, with some sharing ideas of what can be done to improve revenue.

On Facebook, Nicky Coates said: “Marlow you are so lucky. Use this shop, it sounds wonderful.”

Jasmine Ward suggested: “Why doesn't the owner do some pre-prepared meal packs? A lot of people are busy and live busy lives. If he made little meal packs up and sold those, then that would be quite a popular product I reckon. It’s about marketing I think to.”

The shop sells numerous pieces of organic fruit and veg, non-organic fruit and veg, organic chocolate bars, snacks, and condiments.

Mr. Farhi, who moved to the UK from Italy 18 months ago, currently lives in London and travels to Marlow daily.

Mel Vickers on Facebook said: "I think Marlow may die once Waitrose goes, although Marks may do well which is next door so people may pop in as Marks - it is very small and limited on the veg, etc.

Whilst Helen Jones, who is an independent trader, had this to say on Facebook.

She said: “I have a small local retail business and it’s correct that people have a choice and make their choice mostly out of convenience.

“But a thought should be given to what you want in your locality.

“Do you want small local shops or not? Because rest assured that if you don’t use local shops - even local shops from the big multiples - they will all disappear, and we will all be in our cars going to edge of town sites where running costs are lower.

“I wish the owner the best - it’s tough out there.”

To contact Marlow Green, call 07323 278300.