Children are ‘at risk of being run down by cars’ as they attempt to avoid large amounts of water caused by heavy rainfall in Chalfont St Peter, one concerned parent has said.

Mr Matthew Altass has claimed that both the local council have failed to act on ‘frequent requests’ to repair the issue, despite being contacted a number of times over the last five years.

Mr Altass expressed his concern at the risk’s children attending the school face as they attempt to avoid the water.

“Children are being forced to walk through deep water in order to get to their local school, which is just 200 yards away.

“Bucks County Council have for 5 years failed to act on frequent requests to fix the road which is prone to flooding each time it rains.

“Children living on Welders Lane are having to wear wellies to school and risk being drenched by fast moving cars as they come around the corner, or, as the children avoid the very deep water at the edge of the road, they also risk being run down by cars turning into Welders Lane.

“Local MP Cheryl Gillan has also been contacted on a couple of occasions regarding this, but again, so far, nothing has been done.

“Meanwhile, this is what children living on Welders Lane and going to school at Chalfonts Community College will have to tackle this week and every time it rains. Time for action before a child is seriously injured or worse.”

Dame Cheryl Gillan MP said: "I am aware of this case which was brought to my attention earlier this month. I have contacted Buckinghamshire County Council over my concerns on this issue and have informed Mr Altass of this action.

"This is the responsibility of the council and I am waiting for them to investigate and provide me with a full response.”