Gluten-free foods may no longer be prescribed on the NHS amid concerns over the £111,000 cost last year.

Around 350 people in Bucks currently get gluten-free foods on prescription - but this could stop.

In 2018 the cost of the NHS providing gluten free food on prescription to people in Bucks was £111,000.

The Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) says it is "reviewing guidance" for GPs about providing gluten-free foods on the NHS.

The NHS does not provide food on prescription for all patients that require a specialist diet including those with food intolerances like lactose and wheat and food allergies like egg, fish, shellfish, peanut, sesame, soya and tree nut.

The Bucks CCG said gluten-free food are now far more easily available on the high street than when the prescription guidelines were originally developed.

Dr Shona Lockie, clinical director for the medicines management team, said: “The time is right to review gluten-free prescribing. There are a lot more options available to people now - so it seems sensible to take a fresh look at our current guidance.

"Everyone knows the NHS has a limited amount of money to meet people’s health needs so we are looking to reduce costs, without reducing people’s access to the foods they need to stay healthy.

"There are lots of cheap, naturally gluten-free carbohydrate food alternatives available. These include rice, potatoes, lentils - as well as lots of flour alternatives such as rice flour, millet and corn flour.

"We accept that some people may still struggle to find affordable gluten free foods from their local shop. For this reason we want to understand who they are and what things we should consider before making any decisions.

“We would like as many people as possible to give us their views, whether they need to use gluten-free food or not.”

People can give their views through Let’s Talk Health Bucks, an online public forum which people can join to have their say on healthcare in Bucks.

There is a survey on the site about gluten free prescribing. Paper copies will also be available in dietician clinic at Stoke Mandeville and Amersham Hospitals.

The consultation is open for eight weeks from October 16 to December 10.

The survey is available here