Chiltern Taps are aiming to raise money for Children with Cancer UK.

Next Saturday, October 26, the Oxford Road pub will host a garage night, with the bar holding a ‘Halloween Dance of the Dead’ night.

Organised by the pub’s deputy manager Jennifer Tuley, the night will run a fancy-dress competition as well as a pumpkin hunt, where participants will be able to try and find several glow-in-the-dark pumpkin stickers.

If successful in finding all the pumpkins, a customer could win a bar-tap for the night.

The night will also see DJ Pied Paper headline the event alongside other garage artists such as DJ Wittaz, DJ Lolly, D.K.M and Aylesbury legend and Radio 1Xtra DJ, DJ Uzy.

Jennifer said: “I’ve always associated Halloween with having a really fun night – for me it’s even better than New Year’s Eve – so I wanted to pull out all the stops for this one.

“We’re excited to have DJ Pied Piper in the house, as he’s basically a household name and is guaranteed to get the crowd going.

“I chose to raise money for Children with Cancer UK for the event, because sometimes I think we associate cancer with the later years of life.

“So to bring more awareness to the struggles of young people suffering from the disease was really important to me.”

Children with Cancer UK aims to improve the survival rates and the quality of survival in young cancer patients, as well as finding ways to prevent children from getting the disease.

The charity funds research to help children with cancer, raises awareness and supports families with its welfare projects.

The event was inspired due to Jennifer’s participation in Stonegate Pub Company’s ‘Accelerator Programme’, where the course is part of its award-winning development programme, designed to give staff the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and proceed within the company.

Jennifer added: “The charity really focuses on practical care and day-to-day support for people living with the disease too, and that can make all the difference to a family going through such a terrible time.”

Entry is £6 on the door, with the profits being donated straight to charity.

A raffle will also take place with prizes including a bottle of champagne and vouchers donated from nearby businesses.

Additionally, it’ll cost £1 to take part in the fancy-dress competition.