Red Kite have released a statement following their plans to get planning permission on Foxes Piece.

We reported this week that the Wycombe based housing association is hoping to get authorisation to build several new homes on the site.

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The land, which is owned by Red Kite, is currently used as a car park which can contain around 40 cars.

In their statement, they said:

The land at Foxes Piece is not a private car park, it is land that is owned by Red Kite.

This land was originally a garage site demolished by Wycombe District Council prior to the transfer to Red Kite in 2012.

Permission was previously granted to build houses and flats when it was in the ownership of the council.

It is now our intention to build much needed affordable homes at this site.

Our architect has now drawn up new plans for this land which we want to share with residents at our consultation event.

Throughout the process, we have consulted with residents and kept them informed of our intentions for the site.

After holding a previous consultation event, we received feedback that mainly focused on parking.

The new plans proposed have substantially increased the proposed number of parking spaces at the site.

If our plans are granted permission, this will enable us to build 12 one and two-bedroom apartments for families in the local area to set up home in Marlow.

Red Kite is a charitable purpose organisation with the ambition to deliver truly affordable homes for the local community.

Any surplus funds generated through the development of homes for other tenures, for example, market sale or market rent, is reinvested in improving our existing homes or the building of more housing.

There are no shareholders who can take money from Red Kite and our executive team or staff are not paid bonuses or dividends.

We are proud to be a tenant led organisation and have a large membership of residents who have a say on key decisions and the direction of the organisation.

We have a specific Development Panel made up of residents who are fully engaged in supporting and influencing our development projects.

The news to potentially build more houses in Marlow has come with criticism, as many residents are worried about the town’s parking situation.

This comes a week after we reported that 34 garages on Marefield Road which are owned by Red Kite, will have to be emptied by their tenants by October 28.

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This is due to the housing association’s potential plans of having five new houses being built on the site.