Chanak Turkish Restaurant in Bourne End is a real gem situated in the heart of south Bucks.

I like to read reviews before reviewing the food myself and the feedback was already really positive but it really did exceed expectations.

We were warmly welcomed by Turgut and his team on Wednesday. To be honest, for a Wednesday evening, the restaurant was really busy with happy diners, despite the grim weather.

Whilst we looked at the menu, we were offered a drink and we both went for a pint of Efes, a Turkish lager which is so refreshing and much-needed after a long day at work!

The menu was full of the usual Turkish delicacies and we went for a sharer for starter, the Mediterranean meze platter [£16.95].

It had halloumi, borek [feta cheese, shallots and leeks in pastry], sucuk [spicy beef sausage], calamari, falafel with humus and chicken wings.

Everything was cooked to perfection. The halloumi was incredibly tender and the borek, which neither of us have had before, was seasoned beautifully and had a lovely texture.

The sucuk was delightful, and it had a really bold flavour with a nice kick of spice. The calamari was crispy and was accompanied by a sweet chilli sauce, which was perfect.

The chicken wings fell off the bone and were rich and packed with flavour.

We then had a tough choice for main, but I think both of us were very happy with what we picked.

I had the mixed kebab [£19.95] and my friend went with the ribeye steak shish [£22.95].

It was a real ‘wow’ factor when the mains were brought out. Both dishes had sides with them. Mine came with rice and salad and my friend’s came with chips and vegetables.

The meat was incredible. The lamb shish, their signature, was melt-in-the-mouth and tasted amazing. The chicken had a beautiful kick to it and was equally as tender and the butcher’s kofta was homemade and flavoured to perfection.

The rib-eye was a real winner. Perfectly cooked, it fell off the skewer and was a first for either of us to see in a Turkish restaurant.

We just about had enough room for dessert. I had the tarto fantastica [£5.95] which was ice cream inside a chocolate shell and my friend went with the baklava [£5.95], which he loved having never eaten it before.

Turgut explained to us that people come from us far as Banbury to dine regularly at his restaurant, and with the quality of the food, you can see why.

In addition to that, they have a resident magician who showed off some stunning card tricks to leave diners in awe.

Visit for more and be sure to give this place a visit.