A Marlow shopkeeper believes the outcome of Brexit could potentially increase his sales over the next two months.

Andrew Tipping, who manages Marlow Toys on the High Street, revealed that several toy shops across the country have bulk bought their stock over the last few months, due to the uncertainty surrounding the relationship the UK leaving the EU.

The UK is set to leave the union on October 31.

But once the Brexit deadline has passed, Mr. Tipping believes the people of Britain will have a better idea of where we stand economically, which could lead to a ‘last-minute buying spree’ in the run-up to Christmas.

He said: “There is so much uncertainty over Brexit at the moment that customers are holding back, so we’re expecting a rush over the next two months or so after the deadline has passed.

“I have noticed that no-one has bought anything early this year for Christmas, and whilst Brexit could impact the customer, it could benefit us as a trader because, after October, we’ll have a better idea of where we’ll be.

“And with Brexit and the economy, we are anticipating a last-minute buying spree.

“This is because once everything has settled down with Brexit at the end of October, I think we could have a really, good steady pattern of sales throughout November and December, as everyone at the moment is holding back.”

The toy industry has seen a slump in sales over the last decade following the rapid rise of children using phones, tablets and gaming consoles to pass their time.

The increase of youngsters not playing with toys has led to companies, most notably Toys R Us, to go into administration.

However, Mr. Tipping believes children using the internet could work in the toy shop’s advantage.

He said: “You can have a child who can be watching something on YouTube and see a brand-new toy that’s either being advertised or being used in a video.

“They could then go to their mum and dad and say, ‘I’ve just seen this on YouTube, can we go to the toy shop to see if they’ve got it?’

“That way, it benefits us because parents are encouraging their children to go into toy shops and play with actual toys.”

He then added: “Creativity and imagination are so important with children because they walk in and see all the different colours, they have different interests and they look at all the toys that grab their attention.

“Hopefully it’ll help with their education because they might see something that they might have seen at nursery school."

Mr. Tipping then revealed that the Marlow Toys deal with over 100 manufactures, and are owned by Toymaster.