A Beaconsfield resident has voiced his concerns for ‘public safety’ after bins at a residential block have not been emptied for three weeks.

Dave Taylor lives in Cardain House, which is in Beaconsfield town centre, and have had previous struggles with bins not being collected as a result of access issues.

Dave said: “We haven't had our bins emptied for 3 weeks now and they are over-filling.

“Seems the waste management contractor is claiming and reporting to the local authorities that access is the problem.

“Obviously for us, the residents, we are left unable to use our refuse facilities. We don't even have the luxury of being able to use the communal recycling centres anymore as these were removed.

“The other major added concern (and you'll see this from the photos) is that this issue is very quickly becoming a public health issue too.”

The bins have now been cleared and South Bucks District Council have issued a statement confirming the reason for the delay.

A spokesperson said:  “Our contractors repeatedly attempted to collect the waste at Cardian House but were unfortunately unable to access the bins because cars were parked in front of the bin store.

“The Council is working with local businesses and the management agent of Cardian House to ensure collection crews can access the bins on collection days in the future.

“We are pleased to say that the bins have now been emptied.”