A large police presence has arrived at the site of an anti-HS2 protest in Great Missenden this morning – with protesters calling the officers arrival a ‘waste of resources.’

Protesters first gathered at the site two weeks ago, objecting to the widening of the roads, which campaigners claim is being done to provide access for the vehicles helping HS2 preparatory works.

Alongside this, the group are also campaigning against the felling of trees in the village – which date back hundreds of years.

As the protest enters its third week – campaigners have claimed the police presence is ‘excessive’.

Elizabeth Cairns, one of the protest co-ordinators, said: “Whilst the officers were cheerful and forthcoming with information there was an awful lot of surveillance of us and the people visiting the site which runs contrary to their supposed remit here.

“The presence of this many officers not only is an excessive use of local police resources but totally unnecessary given that this site has been entirely peaceful since its formation and intends to continue with that as our abiding principle.

“We are here to protect the trees and are pleased that our presence here is waking people up to the scale of ecological destruction that is happening at the hands of HS2 not only in the Chilterns, but across the country. “

Confirming the reason for the attendance, TVP Chiltern and South Bucks tweeted: "Everyone has the right to demonstrate peacefully.

"We have had to increase our presence at Great Missenden today to ensure the safety of everyone on the A413.

"Officers there are the same who have been there for the past two weeks, please speak to them with any concerns."