The Bucks Free Press can reveal the worst food hygiene in Amersham, Chesham and Little Chalfont according to their latest inspections.

In total, 13 restaurants have been given a food hygiene rating of either one or two stars, with five restaurants having the lowest rating of one.

All of the five restaurants with the lowest ratings are based in and around Chesham.

The first of which is The Golden Eagle pub, which is located on Chesham Road in Ashley Green. During the latest rating on June 14 this year, the pub was given a poor rating for food hygiene and safety, a ‘fair’ rating for structural compliance and ‘little’ confidence in management.

Secondly, retailers Mokarram Brothers was said to have poor structural compliance and food hygiene and safety, with inspectors said to have little confidence in management following a visit on June 6.

Takeaway and sandwich shop Indian Massala of Greenway Parade also received a one-star rating, with a poor rating given for food hygiene and safety, a fair rating for structural compliance and little confidence in management following the visit on September 25.

On July 17, inspectors visited Darvell’s on the High Street and awarded them one star. Poor ratings were given for both food hygiene and safety and structural compliance, with inspectors saying they have little confidence in the management.

Chesham Cottage Chinese Restaurant is the last to have a one-star rating, although the restaurant has recently been inspected with a new rating set to be published soon.

Two retailers, both in Amersham, are currently on two-star ratings – Ivy Stores on Plantation Road and Avenue Stores on Elizabeth Avenue.

A pair of takeaway shops also are currently on two-star ratings following their latest ratings. Chalfont Oriental was last visited just over a year ago (October 25, 2018) and received the ranking, with the Amersham Pizza Hut branch on Hill Avenue also receiving a two-star rating in July this year.

Lastly, four restaurants received two-star ratings. These were Seasons Café Deli in Amersham’s Market Square, Chesham Tandoori in Broad Street, Rumbles Pantry in Chesham’s Church Street and Little Bite on Station Approach in Little Chalfont.