A Wycombe based vet has saved the life of a four-month-old kitten, despite the feline’s chances of survival being incredibly slim.

Gilbert, who came from the Hounslow Animal Welfare Society, had struggled with feeding, has had his growth stunted and showed signs of respiratory distress.

He was sent to Hamilton Specialist Referrals for an exam and following physical tests and CT scans, results showed that the kitten had signs of pectus excavatum, a condition that includes a narrow rib cage, and an inward curvature of the sternum.

These conditions can compress organs which could lead to death.

And following the diagnoses, doctors predicted that Gilbert would not live past the first year of his life without surgical intervention, due to the severity of his condition.

However, following a flood of donations and a discounted rate, Hounslow Animal Welfare Society was able to move forward with the surgery, with Wycombe’s Michael Hamilton performing the procedure.

The surgery was a success, as Gilbert’s thoracic cavity was increased, which will enable the kitten to breathe, eat and drink without any issues.

Gilbert is expected to live a long and happy life.

Carol Atkinson, who is a trustee and treasurer at the Hounslow Animal Welfare Society said: “We are delighted beyond words that the procedure has worked and Gilbert can look forward to a long and happy life.

“Not only are we impressed by the skill of the team who operated on him and the kindness of the aftercare team, but we are also very appreciative of the discount given to our charity.”

Hamilton Specialist Referrals are based in the Cressex Business Park and are open 24 hours a day.

For more information about the vet, visit www.hamiltonspecialists.vet.