Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve has taken to twitter as he begins his re-election campaign ahead of the general election on December 12

Taking to the social media site for the first time, Mr Grieve released a video following the first day of campaigning, in which he highlighted his opposition to Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, claiming that it is ‘full of risk for our country’

In the video captioned ‘Country Before Party’ Mr Grieve said: “I have just come out of a meeting which in a slightly unexpected way I think has probably been the official launch of my campaign to be re-elected as a member of parliament for Beaconsfield, but this time as an independent.

“We’ve done it in the girl guide memorial hall in Gerrards Criss, it was attended by about 150 people. A huge turnout, far more than I’d expected and hose who’d come along, very kindly, to support me in my endeavours.

“I was able to explain to them something of what I think the key issues in this campaign are going to be which go beyond just Brexit.

“Brexit clearly is very important because if Boris Johnson is able to form a majority government after December 12, then he will undoubtedly take us out of the EU on January 31.

“There will be no opportunity for the public to have any further say in that and I happen to believe that the deal he’s negotiated is full of risk for our country.

“Full of risk economically and above all the risk that we will never do a free-trade agreement with our closest neighbours.

“It’s a huge risk for the union of the UK which is being sacrificed in order to achieve this single ideological goal.

“I do feel a bit liberated now that I’m an independent candidate. I can say exactly what I think on a whole range of topics and I’m looking forward to that debate and to have a political debate with my opponents from whatever political parties they decide to stand.

“I’m very hopeful in the light of today’s start that we can maintain this pattern of work, get out to everybody, get the feedback and who knows, perhaps win this election so that I can continue representing Beaconsfield and try do the best I can for my constituents and my country.”