The Green Party candidate for Wycombe has been announced as Peter Sims ahead of the General Election in December.

The Lane End resident currently works as a freelance electronic energy and is a member of the think tank Green House.

Recently, he has co- authored reports as part of the ‘Climate Jobs Project’, focusing on the transition needed in the transport, land, food and energy sectors.

Speaking about his hopes for Wycombe should he be elected, Peter said: “This election is a fork in the road for England, as well as the wider UK.

“It is about what sort of country we want to live in 10 to 20 years? What our priorities are? What matters the most to us? The Green Party is clear, what matters is passing a liveable world onto future generations.

“A Green New Deal – done properly – should decentralise, redistribute and create new local jobs across the country.

“Wycombe should have the power to manage it's own transition, build local resilience and lead on biodiversity restoration.

“Like so many people, I’m terrified of what we’re doing to our planet. But the Greens have a serious plan. We need a Green New Deal to address climate breakdown, prioritise renewables, end airport expansion and deliver a better quality of life.

“Our planet needs people in power who recognize that we are living in a climate and biodiversity emergency and are dedicated to taking real action, not just saying the right words.”