A man who collapsed in a High Wycombe churchyard died as a result of alcohol and morphine toxicity; an inquest has heard.

54-year-old old Montgomery ‘Monty’ Bacchus was pronounced dead at Wycombe General Hospital after collapsing in All Saints Church on July 3 this year.

Monty, described by an ex-partner as a ‘performer’, regularly busked in the town centre.

His ex-partner Morag Benson told the inquest at Beaconsfield Coroners Court “I have known Monty for eight years. We were in a relationship for three years between 2011 to 2014. We split up and he moved to his flat. We remained great friends.”

He had substance abuse problems for a number of years, and according to his ex-partner, once went on a three-day drug binge after saying he was going to go to Argos.

Three weeks prior to his death, Monty was arrested and was “really concerned and the stress was getting to him.”

As a result of the stress caused by the arrest, Monty began injecting heroin to cope.

On the day of his death, Monty consumed both alcohol and heroin – both of which were at a level which was consistent with coma and death and resulted in him collapsing in the churchyard.

Investigating officer PC James Wood, who was leading the investigation into his death, confirmed to the court that there was “nothing to suggest anyone else had been involved or assisted Monty doing what he did.”

PC Wood also confirmed that there had not been sufficient evidence to suggest Monty planned to take his own life, saying on the day that “he was being his normal chatty and chirpy self.”

Senior Coroner Crispin Butler recorded a narrative conclusion at the end of the inquest, saying that he ‘did not have the sufficient to suggest a suicide.

Addressing Monty’s loved ones, Mr Butler said: “It is unclear whether he meant his death, but you know him much better than me.”