The judge who sentenced Kevin Eves to 20 years in prison said the "protracted and escalating violent attacks" the killer carried out were "cruel, brutal and vicious".

Mrs Justice O'Farrell said that, after being "joyful and excited" about his partner's unplanned pregnancy, Eves subjected his daughter to a series of escalating violence over her short life.

The judge said: "Unfortunately you did not have the instincts to protect and nurture that most parents have.

"You were insensitive to the fragility of your baby and you were unable or unwilling to put her needs before your own comfort. You had uncontrolled rage."

The judge said Harper had been a "contented" baby but must had screamed in pain the first time he hurt her, causing broken ribs.

"You should have been in no doubt that you caused distress and suffering. Probably you regretted your actions immediately. Probably you were remorseful, probably you tried to comfort Harper, but that did not stop you hurting her again and again."

"You will have to live with the guilt that you killed the one person who completely depended upon you and would have loved you unconditionally - your own child."