Plans to build a brand new skatepark in Wooburn have moved a step closer with the parish council ‘considering

The outcome was made at the latest council meeting on November 5, were several councillors agreed that they would speak to the individual who submitted the idea, and from that potential meeting, they’ll take it forward.

The application was submitted on October 4, by a Joel Flood and states the following:

“I was wondering if a skate park could be built in Wooburn Green as the nearest skate parks are six or more miles away, and it has a rather large population of children who are eager to get out and exercise and it would be a great addition to our local community.

“Children are defaulting to sitting down all day on electronic devices and no doubt about it, a skate park will get them out of the house.

“I am well aware there are several stages to getting a skatepark built in your local area which are:

1. Preparation – organize a community skatepark meeting

2. City introduction – present the skatepark concept to city leadership

3. Public Outreach – nominate and elect the exact location

4. Kick-off – recruit the project fiscal sponsor (or form a non-profit)

5. Partnerships – launch a fundraising campaign

6. Grassroots fundraising – Reach 50 per cent of funding goal

7. Major donors – conclude fundraising

8. Hire Designer – create blueprints

9. Hire Builder – begin construction

10. Operation – grand opening and establish policy

“There are lots of parks in Wooburn and Bourne End as well but none consist of a skate park! I feel like something should be done about this I have done some research and have an idea of this could be done.”

From the meeting councillor Jane Ford said: “Well I know I’m going to be absolutely hated, but I think this is a good idea.

“I think that there is absolutely nothing for children over the age of nine, and I just feel that so many people could use it, even if you had sometimes if it was booked for certain clubs, or other times for Joe Public.

“It’s a good thing to have.

“Amersham has got one, and I just think we haven’t got anything for children over the age of nine.”

There is no confirmation of where the skatepark would go, if it gets the go ahead.