Celebrity Bucks resident Russel Grant weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, November 16:


You feel obliged to help a friend to reach a goal that’s important to them. You can understand their need to fulfil this aim which is why you are prepared to go out of your way to support them. They may not show it at the moment but they are grateful. Conditions at work are a lot more settled than they’ve been of late and this will give you the chance to catch up on an accumulated backlog of tasks.


At last you have access to a service which should really be available to everyone who needs it, it if it wasn’t for a lack of funding. This will help you and your family feel as if you can move forward with the professional support you feel you need. A senior colleague will take you under their wing and you can learn a great deal from them. They will introduce you to an area they feel you will excel in.


You’re looking ahead and making travel arrangements to make a special holiday dream come true. Check online for discount packages on airfares and accommodation. You will enjoy visiting places of historic interest that make you feel connected with the past. Self-care needs to be made a top priority. Make some time for relaxation or prolonged exposure to stress will take a toll on your health. Aromatherapy, acupuncture and practising relaxation techniques can help.


The modern world can be so hectic. In this busy week, the main target you are aiming for is to remain practical even if this won’t be particularly pleasurable. Your hard work is impressing both your peers and senior colleagues and you will get a lot of satisfaction from your efforts. New commercial outlets will be found for your creative talents and if you’re self-employed, profits will be greater than you imagined they would be.


You could get drawn into some heated conversations but you won’t regret saying more than you intended about a past event, relationship or problem. It will feel good to have taken this opportunity to get it all off your chest. If you’re having to work on something complicated that you’ve never done this before, a good “How To” book will come in useful.


Joint ventures are worth pursuing. A fund-raising exercise will be more successful than anyone anticipated and will raise a lot of money for a good cause. This could inspire you to launch a charity based concern. You might be surprised by how comfortable you feel working with a large group of people. There’s an intriguing atmosphere in your workplace and you could be offered an impressive promotion. It’s a good time to mix business with pleasure.


You wonder whether you can trust some of the information that’s being given to you early in the week. You aren’t sure how reliable a colleague or neighbour might be. If someone’s words or behaviour makes you suspicious, trust your instincts. Close relationships are and will always be important to you. Let a loved one take the lead. It will make them happy to manage joint affairs and because you’ve got other things to do, you can leave all the decision making to them.


People who are ignoring rules and procedures are causing problems for you. You’re growing tired of having to sort out the mess they are creating. It is time to be specific about how other people’s actions are creating havoc in your life. Accept invitations that are likely to put you in touch with a new social circle and if the chance to travel comes your way, seize it with both hands. A change of scene and activity will be refreshing.


You’re working on something that requires attention to detail and mistakes will be made if you allow yourself to be distracted. It will be important to you to carry out this job to the best of your ability so don’t give it anything other than one hundred per cent of your attention. Although you will encounter a few bumpy patches in a close relationship on the whole this should be a progressive week when a career ambition will come measurably closer to realisation.


A new business or romantic partnership is causing you some confusion. Before saying anything, you need to get to grips with your feelings. Be patient with people who annoy you. The less anger you show, the faster you will see an end to the problems they are causing. Talk to a senior colleague if there’s something bothering you that you can’t discuss with others. to discuss work issues on a public forum. Keep your personal and public lives separate.


A partner will ask for more time to make an important decision. You wonder why they are reluctant to commit to new plans but the more you try to push them, the more defensive they will get. Some people find it hard to adapt that change is on the cards. Pay heed to a warning from a colleague who has been talking to the boss. They have your best interests at heart. Get on with jobs you’ve been putting off lately as they won’t take care of themselves.


You may not relish the thought of some of the jobs you have to do but if a senior colleague senses your indifference they will not be as cooperative as they might be if you act as if you’re enjoying the work. Discussions revolve around new possibilities and planning for the future. There’s some uncertainty in the air when it becomes apparent that reaching an agreement is going to take a lot of time.