The Liberal Democrat candidate who is set to stand in Amersham and Chesham in the forthcoming general election has been unveiled.

Dan Gallagher has been an active campaigner for the Liberal Democrats since 1983 and has lived in the constituency for the past 17 years.

Throughout his career, Mr Gallagher has worked in business in his family’s housing construction business.

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He has also highlighted the funding issues facing Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and special educational needs services, claiming that these will be ‘one of the central planks’ of his election campaign.

Dan said: “As one of the basic needs of every society, I have garnered a deep understanding of developing housing in an environmentally sustainable way, and one which also focuses on developing vibrant communities.

“I believe I could put this experience to good use as a national legislator in Westminster and help bring forward caring and effective policies to improve the welfare of the many disadvantaged in our society.

“I passionately believe that this country was badly misled into making the wrong decision to exit the European Union in the 2016 Referendum.

It’s madness for British business to turn its back on a marketplace of nearly 500 million consumers that is on our doorstep for the uncertainty of yet-to-be won trade deals with other countries.

“Government must work to ensure the ongoing success of British businesses, large and small. They are the bedrock of employment and tax revenues needed to support our social services, particularly the NHS, and the educational requirements of our children.”