The people of Beaconsfield and beyond have come together to raise money for a doctor who is living with Motor Neurone Disease.

Arranged by Chrissy Pallenberg, 15 people gave up their morning on Monday, November 11 to attend a specially organised yoga class in aid of Dr Emma Fitzgerald.

The participants donated money to raise funds for the doctor so that the 40-year-old can go on a cruise across the Mediterranean, which will cost approximately £20,000.

Dr Fitzgerald, who worked as a consultant anaesthetist, was on her way home from work in 2016 and felt pain in her hand, believing it was carpal tunnel.

However, as the pain got worse, she went to hospital where she was told the tragic news.

Her condition quickly deteriorated, and she now is unable to move her body, breathes via a ventilator and requires 24-hour care.

However, she continues to ‘enjoy life’, according to her friend Chrissy.

She told the Bucks Free Press: “Emma goes to a hydrotherapy pool maybe once or twice a week, she goes out shopping, she recently went to the cinema to watch Downton Abbey and she still wants to live.

“We’re all trying to help her because we want her to go on this Mediterranean cruise because that’s the only way she can travel now.

“It’s devastating news and for Emma, it progressed so quickly.

“She wants to live and even though she is trapped in her body, her brain is fine and is completely perfect.

“The sad thing is that she still feels pain, she’s on a ventilator, her mum has moved down from Wales to Eastleigh to be with her so that she can look after her.

“And I understand that people don’t want to give money as a lot of people don’t know Emma.

“But Emma loved yoga so today (November 11) is celebrating something Emma really liked and it has brought people together.

The session was taught by Rita Cox, a yoga instructor who teaches classes across Buckinghamshire, Surrey, and London, with the session being held in a house belonging to one of Chrissy’s friends, Joan Blackburn.

Amazingly, both Rita and Joan have never met Emma but were so moved by her story that they wanted to do something to help.

Additionally, the Eastleigh Rugby Club will be hosting an event to raise money for Emma’s holiday, with Chrissy also organising two more yoga classes in aid of Emma.

Chrissy added: “Her mum Christine is amazing because she sold her house to buy a bungalow for Emma and her wheelchair and she is 70-years-old.

“Georgina Marton and Tina Marton, two of Emma’s friends are also amazing as they have been her rock as they visit her at least once a week.

“Georgina and Emma studied together so they're best friends, and for your friends to keep helping you it’s amazing.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with generosity and kindness from people who want to Emma.

“I was crying last night as Joan opened up her home for something like this to happen.

"Who opens up their home and allows 15 strangers in their house? It’s so kind.”

Rita added: “Chrissy was telling me about the fundraising, so I said why don’t we do yoga?

"I was more than happy to come along and teach and hopefully from today, it’ll let people know and hopefully, we’ll raise money for Emma to go on her holiday.

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