The Tory candidate hoping to take on Dominic Grieve has discussed Brexit and her Independent rival in an exclusive interview with the Bucks Free Press.

Joy Morrissey was announced as the Conservative candidate for Beaconsfield last Saturday – and she will be running against Dominic Grieve, the now independent candidate for the constituency, after he was ousted from the party over his anti-Brexit stance.

Joy was elected as a councillor for Ealing in 2014, and in her time there most notably helped prevent a mental health walk-in clinic closing and secured a new GP surgery in her ward.

Joy spoke to the Bucks Free Press on Wednesday about her campaign so far.

She said: “I really feel that an MP should be a public servant so it’s what the people want and advocating for those needs.

“I campaigned for a GP surgery in my ward and worked with my labour colleagues to actually get it done.

“I’m pretty tenacious when it comes to trying to fight for residents so I’m not here with my own views I’m here to listen and then represent.

“I want to be a local champion.”

The Beaconsfield constituency has been of great national interest recently due to Dominic Grieve being exiled from the Conservative party for his views on Brexit.

Grieve was MP for Beaconsfield for 22 years, in 2017 receiving 65.3 per cent of the votes, and now stands as an independent candidate for the area, with Joy being the Conservative candidate standing against him.

It bizarrely means that Mr Grieve is now campaigning to overturn his own majority.

Joy said: “I believe that we should honour the referendum and deliver Brexit and show people that when you vote it does matter, and I think that is where we [Dominic and I] are fundamentally different.

“If you’re standing as an independent [candidate], even if you’ve been in another party, you will essentially be put into the Labour and Lib Dem side of the house, so he’s going to be standing not for the conservative values but for socialist values.

“Voting for the independent candidate is essentially a vote for Corbyn.”

Joy says she fully supports getting Brexit done and is passionate about “respecting democracy”.

Joy also spoke of more local issues such as HS2 which she opposes and the expansion of Heathrow airport which could have an effect on Iver residents.

She believes Heathrow should be “better not bigger” due to air and noise pollution concerns.

Joy thanked the Beaconsfield Conservative members for giving her the chance to run. She said: “The Beaconsfield Conservative members didn’t know me, but they listened to what I said.

“I said I’m a working mum, I wasn’t the traditional candidate, but they embraced me.

“I just want to thank the conservative members; it means a lot that they put their faith in me and there aren’t a lot of associations that would’ve done that.”