An old phone box which has since been transformed into a book exchange has been given the green light following a successful trial period.

The Marlow Book Exchange, which is located on Newfield Road, was first launched in August this year where residents donated hundreds of books into the old telephone booth.

It is open from 7am to 7pm and there is a padlock on the door, so that no thieves can steal the books.

The decision to give the Marlow Book Exchange the go ahead following their three-month trial was made at the latest town council meeting on November 12.

The town council said: “Social media has been extremely positive with there being lots of praise for the initiative and many posts of happy parents, grandparents and children, donating and well as taking the books.

“The success is due mainly to the small team of volunteers who open and close the box daily, monitor stock and generally make sure the exchange is a welcoming place."

Initially, the idea was met with concern due to the location of the phone box, as some residents were worried over any potential antisocial behaviour issues that could take place.

However, in the last three months, reports from Thames Valley Police have suggested that antisocial behaviour has decreased in the Newfield Road area, with the town council having no complaints over the book exchange.

The popularity of the book exchange is also evidently clear on Facebook, with many readers expressing their pleasure over Marlow's latest 'book shop'.

The town council also revealed that the volunteers who run the book exchange ‘have ideas to improve the exchange’s popularity’.

These ideas include working with schools in Marlow to produce posters and social media pages that could include regular activities and book recommendations.