From January next year, cemetery fees in Marlow and the surrounding areas will increase.

The decision was made at the latest town council meeting on November 12, where on January 1 2020, fees for purchase, internment and memorials will go up by two per cent.

The fees for memorials were extensively reviewed in 2018 but were not increased in 2019.

Additionally, the town council have ceased charging for children aged 18 or under and will claim the costs back from the recently established Children’s Funeral Fund.

The Children’s Funeral Fun was established on July 23 this year, where they aim to help parents who have lost children, by reducing the financial burden for families by reimbursing burial authorities, cremation authorities and funeral directors directly.

In a statement on the Gov website, Justice Minister Edward Argar said: “The loss of a child is a tragedy which no parent can prepare for.Bucks Free Press:

“While nothing can ever remove the pain that bereaved families experience, this government is determined to do everything in its power to ease the burden on them, which is why, in line with the Prime Minister’s pledge, I have developed the scheme which comes into force today.

“The Children’s Funeral Fund will provide bereaved parents with much-needed support and I am proud to have worked alongside such dedicated campaigners to make this important scheme a reality.”

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