More than 1,500 Muslims marched through the streets of High Wycombe at the weekend to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

The parade gathered at the Jubilee Road mosque at around 11.30am on Sunday for the important religious celebration, which was marked all over the world.

With banners and flags in hand, families from across the town and beyond joined the march, which made its way through Desborough Road, Bridge Street and Oxford Road.

Crowds also gathered in the High Street near the Guildhall, where religious leaders took to a stage for speeches.

Reverend Hugh Ellis, from nearby All Saints Church, also joined the gathering.

The parade was also attended by councillors and dignitaries including Labour's Wycombe parliamentary candidate and Wycombe district councillor Khalil Ahmed, Cllr Mohammed Asif and Bucks County councillor Majid Hussain.

Shafait Ali, from the Wycombe Islamic Mission and Mosque Trust, said the celebration is a "very important and special day in Islamic history" because Islam is a religion of peace and mercy and the Prophet is the "messenger of mercy".