People from all over Marlow gathered at the town’s Rowing Club on November 18, as the Marlow Refugee Action's second ever AGM took place.

The charity, who formed last year, are aiming to help refugees across the globe by making their projects and initiatives relative to Marlow, with some residents from the town planning to fly over to the Greek Island of Samos next year to help those in need.

The emotional evening saw one of the co-founders of the charity, Vanessa Faulkner, speak openly about the struggles the refugees are currently experiencing, and what the people of Marlow could do to help.

She told the Bucks Free Press: “I think we have lots of great stories to tell because there is a lot of good stuff going on in terms of helping refugees across the globe.

“Our aim as a charity is to make the global refugee crisis relevant to Marlow and to find ways where people can help.

“Marlow is a very lovely, comfortable place to live and most of us who live here have a good standard of living, but our objective is to awaken a compassionate part of the people who live here, so they can help those who are actually just like us but are not fortunate.”

The night saw Marlow resident Jasmine Doust, 25, who works as a trainee t lawyer for Curzon Green Solicitors in High Wycombe, talk to the group via a Skype call about the challenges the refugees are facing.

Jasmine is currently based in Samos.

She said via Skype: “The camp which the refugees are living on is built to hold 650 people but at the moment there are 6,500 people, who are crammed in this small area.

“This area is not suitable for living.

“Around 4,000 people are living outside the official camp area which has been called the jungle, which is like Calais’ camp and there are no facilities in the jungle.

“No toilets, no running water and no electricity. Everybody is living in flimsy pop-up tents.

“And the weather doesn’t help as we’re getting new arrivals from Turkey with people fleeing from war who are mostly Syrians and from Afghanistan.

“That’s why we need more people to help.”

The night also saw Syrian refugee Wafaa Alnasan, who lives in Wycombe, give a talk to all those in attendance where she explained her struggles about fleeing the country and living in several host houses in the UK.

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