A singer-songwriter will be performing at the Wycombe’s Royal Grammar School on Monday, November 25.

Denis Coleman, who is from the USA, will be visiting South Buckinghamshire to promote his brand new single, ‘All I Wanna Know’.

And despite being born across the pond, the 16-year-old fresh-faced singer is now based in London and he hopes the students at the all-boys school will enjoy his latest piece of work.

Speaking on his visit to the school, Denis told the Bucks Free Press: “I'm so excited to come visit schools in Buckinghamshire.

“I think it’s so important to inspire people and raise awareness for mental health and so I’m really looking forward to speaking to students at the schools I’m visiting.

“If I can make a difference for just one person, the week will be a success.”

He then added: “This track is about when you’re starting to get to know someone and you want to find out what’s going on in her head.

“You see the girl looking at you in funny ways and acting kind of strange and she’s overall quite confusing.”

“In the bridge, the song goes to her perspective, where you find out she’s thinking the exact same things about me. She just wants to know if I feel the same way that she does.

“And then at the end, I answer her question and it’s happily ever after.

“So, I think the song also applies to a lot of the divides today in society and politics, and I think that somewhat subconsciously influenced me.”

Despite only being 16, Denis has already toured with the likes of the Vamps and New Hope Club and has had regular airplay on BBC Radio One, BBC Radio Manchester, Sussex and Merseyside.

The 16-year-old began his musical career aged five when he started to learn how to play the violin.

And after discovering his passion for music, he studied at Royal College of Music and wrote his first pop song at the age of 10.

Couple of years later, Denis won a nationwide song writing competition of Open Mic UK with his original song ‘Radio’ attracting attention from talent scouts and TV shows.

And following his rapid rise to fame, Denis is now the brand ambassador for The Power of Muzik, a mental health and anti-bullying campaign founded by celebrity vocal coach CeCe Sammy.

He has also been touring the UK, visiting schools and sharing his experience with music, as well as talking to students about how to overcome adversity today.

He added: “There’s a lot of hate in the world today and at the root of it - I think - is a lack of understanding.

“If we could communicate better and understand what both sides were thinking and meaning, a lot of issues could be resolved.”