More than £40,000 has been raised for the Wycombe Homeless Connection following their sixth annual sleep out.

Held at Adams Park on Saturday, November 23, more than 150 people camped out overnight and braved the cold, wet and windy conditions as members of the public replicated what it was like for those who are currently living on the streets.

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Participants slept in sleeping bags and boxes in the Beechdean Dairy Ice Cream Stand of the stadium and as well as members of the public taking part, former Wycombe MP Steve Baker and the town’s Liberal Democrat candidate, Toni Brodelle, were also in attendance.

Bucks Free Press:

Steve told the Bucks Free Press: “There are some amazing shelters and it’s great to see so many people raising money for the homeless.

“I’ve been involved through my church since it first started and I’m proud to continue being involved working throughout the winter like last time.

“I’ve slept out twice before, I have been a volunteer for about 10 years, we’ve got a fantastic charity in Wycombe Homeless Connection and I would be delighted if the people of Wycombe donated generously.

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Toni then added: “I’ve lived here since I was three/four years old, and my children and I have always been very involved in supporting the homeless.

"So it’s something that really is close to my heart.

“There was a point where I was homeless back in 2012/13 and this is something very personal to me.”

On the day, participants were judged on the functionality and attractiveness of their shelters, with the winners of both categories receiving a free tour of Adams Park.

Bucks Free Press: Sleepouters were then given a complimentary breakfast and a certificate the following morning.

Wycombe’s Mayor, Maz Hussain said: “I have done the last five sleep outs and I ask everyone who is out there to donate whatever you can.

“We’re here to raise as much money as we can for Wycombe Homeless Connection, and this is one of the best charities in Wycombe.

Heather Stanley, marketing manager at Wycombe Homeless Connection then added: “At the moment, there is a huge amount of people experiencing homelessness by sleeping in their friends or family’s houses, which is called sofa surfing – this is called the secret homelessness.

“The Big Sleep Out has been amazing for Wycombe Homeless Connection over the last few years and we’ve got a team of around 100 volunteers who are doing numerous shifts over the night as well as the sleepouters, so it’s great that people from all over the town have come together to help those who need it.”

To donate to Wycombe Homeless Connection, visit: