A church in Wycombe will open its doors on Christmas Day to the elderly, vulnerable and lonely.

The Hope Community Seventh Day Adventist Church on Chapel Lane will organise a Christmas lunch/dinner, live entertainment, presents and much more as they plan to give those who are in need a Christmas to remember.

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Len Williams, who is the church’s First Elder told the Bucks Free Press: “The idea for this Christmas is that we plan on opening our doors on Christmas Day to provide lunch/dinner for about four hours, and we’re promoting it to the elderly who are on their own or may feel a bit vulnerable.Bucks Free Press:

Len Williams

“We’ve got a good number of volunteers from the church and outside the church who will be helping.

“We’ll be providing transportation, a free meal, entertainment, we’ll be watching the Queen’s speech and we’ll make it a Christmas Day where they’ll look back and say, ‘that was fantastic’.”

The church moved to Chapel Lane from Micklefield in January 2018 and Len revealed that he wanted to call the place of worship, ‘Hope’, as he wants to give hope to the people who live in the area.

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And like with most Adventist Churches across the world, Christians who attended these types of churches have their services on a Saturday rather than a Sunday.

And with there being two Adventist Churches in Wycombe, Len is hoping many volunteers across the town club together and provide a Christmas to remember to those who need it the most.

Len, who runs his own car detailing business, then added: “Christmas is a time where we know that there are probably thousands of people, mainly the elderly, who spend Christmas on their own.

“And if we can get them here and provide them with food and some nice entertainment – Hopefully we're trying to make a difference.

"We’re trying to make an impact and make difference within our community and when we renamed our church, we renamed it to Hope as we want to provide hope within our community.”

The church is also holding a free carol service on Saturday, December 21.