Marlow’s late night shopping event will take place on Thursday, December 5.

The annual event, which was organised by the Marlow Chamber of Commerce, will see all the shops in the town stay open until 9pm, as the people of Marlow celebrate the High Street as they get ready for Christmas.

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On the day, there will be numerous food and hot drink stalls as well as live music and other entertainment.

This comes two weeks after former EastEnders actor and investigative journalist Ross Kemp turned on the town’s Christmas lights.

Additionally, the banner promoting this year’s festivities has been the subject to numerous online jokes, as the word shopping was spelt incorrectly, as the ‘s’ was missing.

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After this was spotted by the public, the Marlow Chamber of Commerce said on Twitter: “We would like to reassure those of you joining us next Thursday that, contrary to rumour, no one-legged moves will be required.

“However, if you do have any hopping prowess, please seek out the President.

“She will be carrying a large box of chocolates for anyone brave enough...”