10 reasons why Beaconsfield’s Lib Dem candidate stood down for Dominic Grieve.

Lib Dem Rob Castell decided in September that he would step aside as a candidate in the coming general election as to not split the vote for independent candidate Dominic Grieve.

Mr Grieve was the former Conservative MP for the constituency for 22 years before being ousted from the party due to his disapproval of Boris’s Brexit plans.

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Mr Castell became an approved candidate in July and was voted to be PPC for Beaconsfield in early September.

After speaking with local party members and meeting with Mr Grieve he knew that “stepping aside was the right thing to do.”

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Having joined the Lib Dems in 2017, Mr Castell is fairly new to politics but was “fed up that everyone complained about politicians without doing anything about things themselves.”

He stated the ten reasons why he stood aside for independent candidate Mr Grieve, in his words they are as follows:

• He is a veteran MP with 22 years of parliamentary experience (unlike me or Joy Morrissey).

• He knows the Tory party inside out and has long understood the dangers of Boris Johnson.

• Like my father, he is a lawyer - a profession I respect a great deal.

• He could have retired and gone off to his house in France, but instead he’s out pounding the streets in the rain.

• He has been brave enough to speak out despite abuse and ostracism.

• He is one of the most well-mannered and polite people I know.

• He has not once employed nasty or personal tactics in this campaign

• He is a moderate, rational voice at a time of dangerous extremism

• He knows that we will not just ‘Get Brexit Done’ and he knows the damage Brexit will do

• Dominic Cummings hates him. What more evidence do you need?