The “Old School Bell” has rung loud and clear, and has been heard far and wide, since the article in the Nostalgia pages on October 25 about the new website for the former students of Wycombe Technical School in Easton Street, “The Tech”. So says Ivan (Spadger) Sparrow, who founded the website, and he has updated us as follows:

“The response has been both overwhelming and very welcome. Ex-pupils, their children, and even their neighbours have contacted the website and contributed photos, very enlightening memories, and interesting comments for publication in the web-pages of the human history of “The Tech”.

Age has proved to be no barrier, for memories, names of classmates, teachers, and even feelings have all been related from the 1960s right back to the 1930/40s, each with crystal clear recollection. A testament to the teaching and solid education gained whilst at “The Tech”.

Quotes by just two of our contributors, clearly demonstrates that:

Betsy – “l attended from 1943-46, war years of course, travelling on a bus from Amersham to High Wycombe where the windows were taped to prevent the glass flying if an explosion occurred. The teaching staff were limited at the time to men and women who too old, or unable, to serve in the armed forces. Those years gave me the self belief that I could make my living with employment associated with what I had learned. Which I did, along with marriage and family, as a painter, finally with gallery shows and sales, and teaching other adults too. I am now 89, and of course still painting”.

Marise – “My bedroom in Railway Place used to overlook the ... I can’t say playground, that’s for youngsters, the Quadrangle. An expanse of concrete between the main building and the long narrow one-storey buildings at the back.

I particularly liked to see the girls in their summer uniform, navy and bright yellow. I hoped I’d go there one day as my favourite colour was yellow. I also liked to see everyone dressed up when there was a dance - usually to Eric Wakefield’s band. Sadly I never had a chance to go there as the year I passed the 11-plus it became boys only, and the girls went to Lady Verney”.

Spadger Sparrow continues “Due to the increasing interest and dynamic contributions from our more mature ex-pupils, and their desire to renew friendships and communication with classmates, it has been decided that the website will now include a page entitled “Remember Me ??”, dedicated to help connect classmates and friends from whatever year. Such connections will be confidential between respondents, as we are not an interactive “social media” website.

Because of the response from the Nostalgia page we are sure that many others will have photos and memories to share, with not only their contemporaries, but the public at large, and in so doing enhance the human history of not only “The Tech”, but the town of High Wycombe itself.

Should you wish to view the more architectural photos, administrative development and progress, etc., of the “The Tech” from its origins, then visit the website of its successor the John Hampden Grammar School , where such things are very well recorded”.

To correspond with Spadger directly go to the “The Tech” website or contact Mike Dewey and he will forward the details onto Spadger – 01494 755070 or email Mike at