A Beaconsfield based timber yard have revealed their displeasure with the former Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, by flying a blimp over their land.

Timberstone LTD on Pyebush Lane have had the blimp hoisted up from one of their sheds which says, ‘Brexit’ on one side and, ‘Out with Grieve’ on the other.

Bucks Free Press: Ian Caldwell Ian Caldwell

Ian Caldwell, who is Timberstone’s LTD director, revealed to the BFP that he put the blimp up because during the EU referendum back in June 2016, signs supporting Brexit were vandalised, and members of staff were on the end of 'threatening behaviour' from the public.

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Additionally, Mr Caldwell said that new security cameras have been put up across the yard as he was worried that, ‘the yard could go up in smoke’.

He told the Bucks Free Press: “I employ a lot of foreign nationals here and I realize that I’m not doing any favours in voting for Brexit.

“But I just think that we want our sovereignty back and secondly, when we voted for that, they should obey the will of the people.

“We put signs up for the referendum and they were taken down by members of the public.

“People came in, used threatening behaviour and were very nasty in what they said, and the signs were taken down or defaced with Nazi symbols.

Bucks Free Press: Timberstore LTD Timberstore LTD

“So, I went for the blimp as it’s more difficult to take down.”

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He then added: “This has got nothing to do with racism – we put the blimp up so we could be represented by somebody who is prepared to be more democratic.

“The blimp will stay up until December 12, depending on the weather and whether or not it gets sabotaged.”

This comes after several Tory rebels, which include Grieve, were ousted from the party after voting against the government to take control of business in the House of Commons in September.

Mr Grieve was one of 21 Conservative MPs who defied the whip to join opposition parties in a move which will see them take control of business in the House in a bid to stop the UK crashing out of the EU before the previous deadline on October 31.

The Government lost by 328 votes to 301.

Mr Caldwell said: “We’ve been told that we’re racists and Nazis and it’s a nasty business as I think people have got very heated about it.

“We’re also concerned that the place could go up in smoke.

“We put up some cameras this morning to make sure that they trigger an alarm if anyone is wandering around at night.

“Timber is very combustible, so we want to make sure that we’re secure.”