A director at a Beaconsfield based timber yard has been asked to take down his anti Dominic Grieve blimp, ‘as accidents have been caused at the nearby roundabout due to drivers being distracted’.

Ian Caldwell, who runs Timberstore on Pyebush Lane in Beaconsfield, as had the blimp fly over the south of Buckinghamshire for approximately a week-and-a-half, as he disagrees with Grieve’s stance on the UK staying in the EU.

Bucks Free Press: Ian Caldwell Ian Caldwell

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According to Mr Caldwell, a special constable contacted him and asked for the blimp to be removed, but the director revealed to the Bucks Free Press that he’ll be keeping the blimp up.

He also revealed that he had done his own research into the accident claim, and he believes that no crashes have happened because of the blimp.

Speaking to the Bucks Free Press on December 4, he said: “We put the blimp up so we could be represented by somebody who is prepared to be more democratic.

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“We’ve been told that we’re racists and Nazis and it’s a nasty business as I think people have got very heated about it.

“We’re also concerned that the place could go up in smoke.”

“We put up some cameras this morning to make sure that they trigger an alarm if anyone is wandering around at night.”

The general election takes place on December 12.