Anti-social behaviour and drugs are driving residents of a High Wycombe block of flats to despair – with some saying the problem has got so bad they want to leave the town completely.

Residents living in Mahoney Court, on Oakridge Road, and the flats in nearby Shaftesbury Street, say drug dealing and bad behaviour has spiralled out of control – with some having windows smashed and eggs thrown at their homes.

Red Kite Housing Association, which manages the flats, has reassured residents that they are “focusing their efforts” on the area in a bid to reduce anti-social behaviour and said that the majority of people causing problems in the area do not live there.

Residents spoke out about their concerns to the Bucks Free Press – but wanted to remain anonymous for their own safety.

One man, who has lived in Mahoney Court for seven years, says he has been left feeling vulnerable because he has mental health issues.

He said: “The drugs and bad behaviour is having an impact on me. At the weekend there was a police raid on two properties at 2am in the morning. They have had raids here before.

“There is a huge problem here with drugs and anti-social behaviour – it is crazy and it is not being dealt with.”

A resident who lives in the Shaftesbury Street flats, a disabled woman, said she want to leave the area and move down south because the problems have got so bad.

She said: “There is drug dealing and drug taking in the stairwell. About eight weeks ago I had to call 999 because there were addicts outside my front door and I was told not to contact them but to call Red Kite – but they can’t stop and search.

“Even if the police do come, they don’t get out their cars. My husband has had to put up CCTV for our own safety. There have been burglaries in the area and I want to move. It has got worse here over the last five years.

“I am at the end of my tether.”

A spokesman for Red Kite said: “This is an area our Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Team are focusing their efforts on as we are aware of residents’ concerns. We realise the issues they are experiencing at the moment must be worrying and want to reassure them that we working as hard as we can with the police to resolve things.

“We investigate all ASB reports made to us, including agreeing an action plan with those affected and taking action against the perpetrator if they are a Red Kite tenant.

“The majority of people causing problems around Mahoney Court and Shaftsbury Street don’t live there, making it even more challenging to get to the bottom of the problem.

“We are part of the wider Community Safety Partnership together with the police and Wycombe District Council and work collaboratively with those agencies to address ASB in the town centre.

“We want the residents to report ASB to us, and if people are aware of criminal activity – such as drug taking and dealing – for them to report this to the police.

“We do have some long-term plans to try and help in this area and have already added additional lighting and gates to try and reduce the amount of people accessing the site.

“Earlier this week our ASB specialists carried out door to door visits to speak with residents to reassure them that we are doing all we can to help reduce the anti-social behaviour.”