A “talented, kind-hearted” man was found dead at home by police after taking his own life, an inquest has heard.

Cian Stewart had moved into a new flat to rekindle his relationship, but it did not work out – leaving him with extreme money worries, a coroner heard on Thursday, December 5.

Towards the end of his life, the 21-year-old was reportedly suffering mental health issues following the death of his beloved grandmother and the end of his relationship with his on-off girlfriend Agatha.

The inquest heard that Cian had moved to London before relocating to Bucks to repair his relationship but was a long way from his Exmouth-based family with whom he was close.

On the day before he was discovered, his ex-partner messaged her friend, Anca Marinescu as she was “really freaking out” and said he had been “really suicidal lately”.

Cian was tragically found hanged in his new flat in Grooms Court, Old Coach Drive, High Wycombe. Police officers discovered his body after his worried mother, Maria Stewart, got in touch with police when her son had gone silent two days prior to them finding him.

In her evidence, she said: “On Wednesday, Cian messaged to say Agatha had left following an argument and he said he was stuck in a six-month tenancy for the flat. I told him not to worry about that and I told him I loved him.

“On Thursday I messaged to say about a dongle I was going to buy him because he had no internet at the flat, but I didn’t get a response, it said he was online on Facebook though. I became increasingly worried, I tried to call and text but no response.

“On Friday, his brother Hamish made his way to Cian’s to check on him. A few hours later Hamish told me Cian had died.”

In his evidence, brother Hamish told the court he had saved Cian from taking his life once before, arriving minutes before he was to take himself to his favourite lake to end his life.

He said: “Six years ago our grandmother died and since then he struggled to keep on top of his mental health.

"He was an alcoholic and was put on anti-depressants. He moved out of the family home about two years ago to London but then he moved to Beaconsfield.

“He sent me, mum and dad messages to tell us he was sorry, I managed to get to Beaconsfield as he was about to leave the house to go to his favourite lake and commit the act.

"After that I took him to my father’s house where he stayed for a while, then he moved into his flat only a week ago. He had been speaking to my mum over Facebook talking about rental payment, then he went silent.

"The family tried to call him but he had done this before. On Friday, September 13, I made contact with Aggy to meet at his address at 11.15am and we saw a police car.”

When they walked into his home, they sadly saw he had died.

Police constable Lucy Berry who attended the tragic scene told the coroner: “He had moved in with his ex-girlfriend only a week or so before his death.

“There was a handwritten note explaining his sorrow.”

Senior Coroner Crispin Butler said: “He had a tenancy with his girlfriend who moved back to London and he was distant from all of his family at that time. We know Cian was found deceased at 11.40am at his home address where he had moved.

“He was found hanged. He left a note at the scene on a notebook and having previously researched the method he used, I will record a verdict of suicide.”

A fundraising page set up in Cian’s memory raised nearly £4,000 and described him as a “beautiful, talented, kind-hearted boy”.

It says: “While most of us are in a world of pain to have lost a good friend we've also lost a son, a brother, a partner.

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