Lib Dem Dan Gallagher vows to fight for the “two in three autistic young people being failed by the Conservative Government” if elected as Amersham and Chesham MP.

Mr Gallagher is standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate Chesham & Amersham and is proud that his 20-year-old son, Xavier, who has Aspergers, is part of his campaign team.

Xavier collects and analyses data for his father, when he is not busy with his own studies and campaigning at Winchester University.

Mr Gallagher has pledged to make special education needs a high priority if he is elected as MP.

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He is calling for parents with children with special needs, their families and friends to vote Liberal Democrat in the General Election on December 12.

The Lib Dems have pledged to ensure that children with complex educational needs have equal priority and say they will give local authorities more funding for each child and ensure the system becomes less confusing for parents.

The candidate said: “There is significant under-funding and lack of clear advice and process.

“The result is many vulnerable children lose out and society and the workforce are worse off too.”

He became interested in fighting for other families who have children on the spectrum after his own experiences.

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He said: “It was a three-year battle with Buckinghamshire County Council, and it is disturbing that many families still face the same issues 14 years on.

“Until there are more MPs with real-life experience of the system for their own autistic children in Westminster, I fear getting real change is going to be difficult and more young people will never have the opportunities they should.”