Celebrity Bucks resident Russel Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, December 7.


A creative ability you usually restrict for your personal pleasure will be brought out into the open. Skills you rarely draw attention to will find outlet in a festive project. Don’t be surprised if more demands for this special skill come your way. It’s important to try to keep your Christmas spending within your budgeted limit. The last thing you want is to suffer sleepless nights, as the year ends, through worrying about bills. Making homemade gifts can save you pots of money.


Your communication skills are high making this a great time to get your creative ideas across. You’re the life and soul of the party. At work, pour your energy into a team effort that could lead to a new business opportunity. Find ways to showcase your talent and promote your interests. Include newsy letters in your Christmas cards. A joint account will receive a welcome boost and this extra money will come in useful for the coming festivities.


A friend or relative is having second thoughts about plans made for the New Year. They’re talking about cancelling arrangements but you had been looking forward to these and want to go ahead. Even if they don’t join in, there’s no reason why this should stop you. You’ve always had a lively imagination. Someone might accuse you of dreaming the days away. You are determined to turn dreams into reality and show others how practical you can be.


You’re thinking about your future goals. A decision to change jobs will prompt you to look at what vacancies are on offer. A new position sounds appealing but don’t be too quick to show your interest. Unsavoury facts could come to light that will make you change your mind. Even if you aren’t in the mood, make an effort to finish old projects lying around the home or workplace. Big changes are ahead and you will want to be ready for these.


You have a powerful personality and although there are some things you will not want to change, in other areas of your life you will strive to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. You’re trying to see the world through other people’s eyes and this will earn you their respect. A friend in dire straits will appreciate your assistance. Some help you received last month, seemed to be Heaven sent. You haven’t forgotten this and now you have a chance to pay it forward.


You will be delighted to hear about a friend’s accomplishment. Witnessing someone else’s success will awaken your own creative impulses. Take this opportunity to start a new art, music or any type of creative project. Taking charge of a work project will be a big responsibility. Bending the rules in someone’s favour might make life easier for them but it’s not a good idea. People will resent this decision. It’s important to treat everyone with fairness and respect.


You’re determined to be organised this Christmas. It might be a good idea to get a head start now on your festive shopping. Finish writing out your cards, get them sent off and keep up to date with other festive tasks that can take up such a lot of your time. Disagreements over finances could cause tension in a partnership. If money is tight, agree on an economy plan that might ease the strain and lift you out of debt.


Check you’ve paid outstanding bills before embarking on a Christmas spending spree. Ask a partner to contribute if you’re always the one who is responsible for buying gifts and responding to invitations. It isn’t fair for you to have to do it all. You need to be on your toes to deal with demanding relatives. There’s little time to spare with you being fully on the go but at least idling your time away has never held a lot of attraction.


An unexpected bonus or financial award will make you feel lucky as far as money is concerned. Use this to buy something that will make life more comfortable and don’t feel guilty about spending money on yourself. Throw a festive party. You will enjoy creating a fun atmosphere that brings out the best in everyone. Deciding who to spend Christmas with could be a major source of tension at home, but your partner needs to know what your plans are.


Expectations people have of you exceed what you are able to give. You are starting to admit you have too many irons in the fire. Many demands are being put on you and you’re letting this get you down. Don’t say nothing for the sake of keeping the peace. Stick up for yourself this week. A combination of demands and distractions makes clear thinking almost impossible. This is not a good time, therefore, to make a life changing decision or to commit to a big project.


Helping to arrange a fundraising event will be a good use of your leadership skills. Many people will come together to help and this spirit of cooperation will remind you of how amazing the human race can be. A search for a missing object could be in vain but don’t worry as it won’t be as valuable as someone is making out and this item will be replaced in time for when it is needed next.


Pay bills before splashing out on luxuries. Your family would prefer you not to get into debt this Christmas. Credit cards may make spending easy but you could regret it later. When buying gifts, be sensible about what you can and can’t afford. A close friend may need a helping hand or a sympathetic ear and you will be in a position to offer both. They will be relieved to know they have you to lean on whenever things get too much for them.