A Bourne End resident bravely chased away men who he thought were attempting to break into his neighbours house as he saw them approach in balaclavas.

Tom Duthie, who lives on Cressington Place in Bourne End, saw from his window two men exit a vehicle, put balaclavas on and head straight to the back of his neighbour’s house at about 5pm on November 28.

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The property was burgled a few months prior, when a masked man pinned down the elderly woman who lives there as the other intruders ransacked the house.

Knowing of the previous incident Tom phoned the police and ran over to his neighbours to chase the men away.

Tom then ran behind the vehicle to tell the police the registration plate.

He said: “The driver was driving off, so I was running behind it telling the police the Reg plate.

“I then waited outside the property until the police arrived, I didn’t disturb the old couple because I didn’t want to scare them, so I waited for the police to make them aware.”

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The men in balaclavas or the one driving weren't found after they drove off on the day of the incident.