On a visit to Dr Challoner’s High School Conservative candidate for Amersham and Chesham Dame Cheryl Gillan is accused of making a pupil cry following offensive remarks about woman who wear hijabs.

During a Q and A at the visit, a student who wears a hijab asked Ms Gillan why she supports Boris Johnson, as Ms Gillan stated previously that she doesn’t support people who hate on others and Mr Johnson is yet to apologise for saying that women who wear burkas "look like letterboxes."

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A post on Facebook states that Ms Gillan responded to this question with “offensive remarks implying that Muslim women are oppressed and forced to wear the head-dress.”

The poster further accused Ms Gillan of using “irrelevant feminist points to manipulate the 15-year-olds question.”

Ms Gillan allegedly finished her statement by addressing the student and saying “I’m sure you’re not being forced to wear the head-dress” which led to the student who asked the question becoming upset to the point where she cried, with other students believing that Ms Gillan indirectly said the “same sort of things as Boris Johnson.”

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Ms Gillan’s representative stated that the Conservative candidate did not see anyone crying and she has delivered a personal letter to the school to give to the student regarding the incident.

On wearing a hijab Ms Gillan's representative said that she believes it is a “woman’s right to choose.”