Several High Wycombe residents are ‘frustrated and fed up’ after their bins are not being collected consistently.

The people, who live on Sussex Close just off Salisbury Road in the town, revealed that the problem has been going on for ‘years’ with one resident stating that she is ‘at the end of her tether’.

After visiting the cul-de-sac, numerous general waste and recycling bins were overflowing with litter being scattered across the road due to the windy weather.

Additionally, animals have made their way into the bins, with locals claiming that cats, foxes and rats are going into their garbage.

Nasreen Shabir told the Bucks Free Press: “The paper and bottle recycling bins should have been collected last Monday (December 2).

So I, along with a number of the neighbours, have contacted the council either online or via phone, but when we log the complaint, they always say that the bins haven’t been collected due to ‘blocked access.’

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“We never see block access.

“Yes, there are parked cars on either side of the road but my husband used to own a van and he had no trouble getting it in and through the cul-de-sac, so why should they have any issues with their rubbish lorry?

Bucks Free Press:

The bins in Sussex Close 

“There have been a couple of occasions where they have sent over a smaller truck to resolve the situation and this is OK for a good few months, but after a while, we’re back to square one.

“And this is an on going problem as it has been going on for years, and I speak on the behalf of the whole cul-de-sac as we’re not happy.”

Mrs Shabir, who works at a primary school in the town as a teaching assistant, also revealed that she feels ‘embarrassed and awkward’ when her rubbish goes into her neighbour’s garden, which is a problem that nearly everyone in the cul-de-sac is facing.

The concerned resident also disclosed that many of the neighbours moved their bins to the top of the road so they could be collected – an idea which she objected to.

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She continued: “When the wind blows and knocks over our bins, bottles and open tin cans are all scattered across the cul-de-sac.

“It’s everywhere.

“And in the summer, the smell is so bad and it’s embarrassing when you have visitors come along.

“The neighbours felt that we had to move our bins to the top of the road for them to be collected, but Sailsbury Road is all flat with no curves, but Sussex Close is very bendy.

Bucks Free Press:

The space the lorry could fit through 

“So, the mentality was to take the bins up to the top of the road, so they didn't need to come down our road, but they didn’t even collect them.

“My husband is not well as he had a kidney transplant which I gave to him, why should we move our bins to the top of the hill. It shouldn’t come down to that.

“The neighbours around us did merely did it because it was so frustrating and they're desperate to have their bins emptied.”

We have contacted Wycombe District Council for a comment.