A Wycombe based law firm are helping a pregnant Nigerian from deportation after an error from the Home Office left her homeless.

Curzon Green Solicitors, who are situated on the Oxford Road, came to the aid of Sarah Obi, 29, who has been living in UK the since 2005.

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Ms Obi, who left Africa due to her and her family experience and witnessing violence, rioting and executions, came to the UK for a better life.

Following the horrific sights she saw in Nigeria, her experiences as a child and as a victim of abuse has caused her to suffer from depression for the last ten years.

And after several failed attempts at regulating her immigration status in the UK by herself, Sarah sought legal advice from Curzon Green who put in an application for leave to remain in the UK, based on her right to having a private life in the UK.

This was granted on October 3 this year.

However, on November 27, Sarah received a letter from the Home Office stating that her application had been refused.

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Following the receipt of the refusal letter and now six months pregnant, Sarah’s permission to stay in the supported housing was revoked, making her liable to go back to Nigeria – a country which she has not lived in for 14 years and has no close family or friends in.

Rachel Knight, head of the immigration and human rights department at Curzon Green said: “This grant of leave to remain letter represented everything this lady could have hoped for in her life and the opportunity to begin recovery from her traumas.

“It allowed her to access a place of safety in the UK and think about her unborn child.

“The idea that the Home Office could leave her for two months celebrating and planning for her future in the UK, before stripping her of this status without justification, is possibly the cruellest case management that I have come across in many years of working as a practitioner.”

In response to the latest letter, Curzon Green Solicitors are taking action to challenge this decision, lodging an application for judicial review and submitting a formal complaint to the Home Office.

Rachel added: “I consider the subsequent decision letter to be not only unlawful, but also utterly unconscionable.

“I hope that this matter can be promptly resolved without the need for protracted legal proceedings.”

Despite her struggles, Sarah dedicates her time to volunteer for victims of child abuse whilst supporting victims of domestic violence through court proceedings against their attackers.”