Wycombe's MP of nine years says he is "delighted" to have been re-elected in a night that saw the Conservatives win a majority in Parliament. 

Tory Steve Baker will continue to represent Wycombe after gaining 24,766 votes - but his majority was slashed once again, with Labour's Khalil Ahmed coming in with 20,522 votes. 

Lib Dem Toni Brodelle got 6,543 votes, Peter Sims of the Green Party got 1,454, Wycombe Independent Julia Wassell managed 926, while UKIP's Vijay Srao got 324 and independent Ed Gemmell received 191. 

Speaking to the Bucks Free Press after his win - which was announced before all of the other Bucks constituencies at around 2am - Mr Baker said he was "very pleased" with the result. 

He said: "As I've said before, it's certainly been a chastening campaign - It is very clear to me that a large majority of Conservative remain voters have been extremely angry about leaving the European Union and they have told me so.

"I have faced absolutely striking condemnation at times during this campaign and I'm chastened by it. But equally I cannot forget some of the praise I have got."

His Labour rival Khalil Ahmed said he was "wholly disappointed" with the result. 

He told the Bucks Free Press: "Still we are happy with the outcome of the election - we have narrowed the gap between Labour and the Conservatives.

"We also hope that our new MP serves the town right and learns from past mistakes.

"Steve Baker said he has learnt from the past. I just hope the new MP sticks by his words."