Celebrity Bucks resident Russel Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, December 14.


You’re aware it’s almost Christmas but this won’t stop you from persevering with a personal aim. The goal you are chasing is worthwhile and even if other people are losing interest, you are determined to achieve it. Being able to see ways out of current difficulties is empowering. You’re a versatile person and this will be a big help in a crisis. So, take charge when the going gets tough. Others admire and respect your leadership talents.


It’s important to look at all angles of a situation before making changes or committing yourself to new ventures for the New Year. You would regret making snap decisions just to get some people off your back. You hate to rush and as always, careful planning is advisable now. Good communication is important if you are to get the most satisfaction and enjoyment out of your days. Be sure to return a phone call while it is on your mind.


Your Christmas shopping bill will be increased when some friends or relatives invite themselves to stay. You want everything to be flawless and to make the festive season enjoyable for everyone but new arrangements will need some extra care. Curb the urge to be extravagant. Instead, try to get good value for your money. Keep reminding yourself you don’t have to spend a lot to have fun. Put yourself on a budget.

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If you have any doubts about a joint arrangement, take some time now to weigh up your options. It might cause someone inconvenience but it isn’t too late to change your mind. Don’t be swayed by emotional blackmail. Use your head and then any decision you make will be through reason and analysis. Being busy makes you feel your work is of value both at home and at work. Just be sure not to ignore your partner or your children’s feelings in your determination to get things done.


You’re about to take on new commitments but have you really thought about it? Accepting a new assignment on top of what you already do could be more trouble than it’s worth. Besides, you won’t be able to stretch time to fit in extra responsibilities. There’s a limit to what you can do and rushing things won’t make it any easier. It’s not a good idea to cut corners, pull strings or ignore rules and regulations. Play it by the book. Your work is being monitored.


Someone keeps making the same mistakes. It isn’t a good idea to take responsibility for things that aren’t your fault. How many times do you find yourself apologising in place of the real culprit? Break out of this habit and break free from people who take your help for granted. Romantic developments make you feel as if you’re walking on air. You can relax with someone who adores and accepts you, warts and all. If you’re single, you’re determined to meet someone special this Christmas.


You could learn something useful by observing from the background. Listen more, talk less and you will gain some valuable information. Your career prospects are improving and long-term plans will take an upward turn. Experimenting with new methods and ideas may not be necessary but trying a different approach to a difficult job could bring amazing results.The more flexible you are, the more popular you will seem to be.


Does it feel as if the spark has gone out of your life or relationships? If so, this would be a good time to take steps to reclaim it. Accept festive invitations. Throw a big party of your own and invite all your friends. Increase your links with others and improve your surroundings by adding decorative touches to your place. Do whatever you can to treat yourself. A little of what you fancy will do you the world of good.

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Trying to juggle your finances is causing you anxiety. It might feel as if you’re constantly having to rob Peter to pay Paul. Taking a responsible attitude towards money should be your first priority. A financial advisor will help you develop a strategy to ensure financial stability in the future. You have a strong need for friendship. Join a club. Seek out new faces and visit glamorous places. Introduce yourself to strangers.


Keeping your feelings to yourself is putting pressure on your relationships. Only saying things people want to hear means you aren’t being honest with them or yourself. Something is upsetting you and you need to get it out into the open. If you’re tactful, this shouldn’t have too detrimental an effect on your friendships. Making headway with joint projects and plans for the future is possible but only if you’re willing to use your contacts to help further your goals. You can’t do everything alone.


Your efforts will be praised by a boss, manager or supervisor. This is all the inspiration you need to begin an exciting project. Work doesn’t have to be a hardship when you enjoy what you do and winning the approval of an influential person will put you in line for a promotion. What sounds like a solid investment opportunity will seem like a thoughtless mistake in time to come. There’s nothing certain about anything that involves even a small amount of risk.


Someone you don’t like will turn up unexpectedly at a Christmas party. Spend a little time with them to be polite then make your excuses and go somewhere else. This same advice applies when visitors overstay their welcome. Let them know you have to be elsewhere. Someone is arranging a family get together and you might take this opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding that recently occurred. Be the first to extend an olive branch.