Hundreds of dead worms were found in Marlow's Higginson Park, after a huge drainage issue saw large parts of the popular park get flooded. 

The earthworms were seen on the grass verge by the park's path, not long after the two-day clean up to remove all of the water was completed.  

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The clean up began on Tuesday afternoon (December 17) and carried on into Wednesday morning (December 18), after members of the public contacted Wycombe District Council.

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Thames Water, who conducted the clean-up, said: “We were called to deal with flooding caused by a blockage in the sewers as a result of wet wipes, cooking oil and other unflushable items in the system.

“We’re working to clear the blockage and fully clean the flooding.

"This serves as a good reminder that people should take care with, with what they put down the drain and only the 3P’s - poo, pee and paper - should be flushed down the toilet.”