Fans of family-friendly Ipswich Town were shocked when official advice from the football club told them to visit High Wycombe's lap-dancing pub before kick off.

League One team Ipswich Town FC travelled to High Wycombe on Wednesday afternoon to take on Wycombe Wanderers in first match of the new year.

But the 'away' fans from Suffolk might have got more 'action' than they were bargaining for after official club advice suggested they go for a pint and a lap dance at White Horse.

An information pack, released by Ipswich Town FC for travelling fans, includes everything from directions, to parking, to pubs nearby the away stadium.

And it said the nearest "away fans" pub promised a good choice of lagers, Sky and BT Sports on TV - and "exotic dancers" from lunchtime.

The advice on the club website included a comment from Alistair Watts, general manager of the pub on West Wycombe Road - described as the "away fans pub".

He said: "There are plenty of lagers (at pub prices), pool, Sky and the BT Sport game live on TV.

"The pub has 'Exotic dancers' and lap dancing, from lunchtime. No admission charge and you don't have to watch the dancers unless you want!

"Sorry, but no under 18's."

Mr Watts added that the pub is "about 30 minutes from the ground at a brisk walk".

Mr Watts, who has been managing The White Horse for 20 years, said the dancers are "hugely popular" with visiting football fans.

Speaking just one hour after the pub opened on match day between Ipswich Town and Wycombe, Alistair said: "I've already heard some of the guys say, 'I wish we had something like this in Ipswich'.

"There are three lovely ladies in here with them today. They all do seem surprised, but the reaction has been quite good.

"They seem like a nice bunch of guys. They're pretty good towards the girls."

Alistair said The White Horse has been running for 150 years, and that they have had striptease dancers for the last 35 years.

He said: "We have positioned ourselves as the 'away fans' pub, so that they can feel perfectly safe here, with no arguments from Wycombe Wanderers fans.

"The dancers are hugely popular, and I hear lots of away fans saying they wish they had something like it in their towns.

"The biggest turnouts we get are when Portsmouth or Oxford come and play here.

"We get lots of stag parties and work do's coming in here. It's all good fun," he added.

"We're licensed by Wycombe District Council. You have to be very careful what you can do these days.

"The days of pulling some unfortunate up on stage with the dancers are long gone.

"But getting to have a pint and a chat with some pretty girls, what's not to like?," Alistair said.

And he added: "The police like it too, because it means on match days they know the away fans are in here and not running around Wycombe causing trouble. They're comfortable with it."

The White Horse prides itself on being "one of Britain's oldest strip pubs", having presented striptease dancers for 22 years.

According to Babewatch Wycombe, a promotional website for the unique pub, The White Horse puts on "top striptease dancers" every lunchtime and on Wednesday evenings.

And the pub even has a daily competition where punters can win a free lap dance and two drinks of their choice - by guessing the total combined bust size in inches of all 12 performing dancers.

Babewatch Wycombe states: "Here, in a pleasant and relaxed setting, you can see Southern England's top dancers, with a mix of dancers from all over the world."

And on Twitter, plenty of fans of Ipswich Town - known as The Tractor Boys - are commenting on the choice of pre-match entertainment.

Parody account Chambers' Fist, dedicated to Ipswich Town captain Luke Chambers, wrote: "Finally some action on a match day."

Patrick Barnes commented: "May just be more exciting than the match."

Meanwhile, Joe Symonds added: "First time I've ever wanted to go to an Ipswich game."