Many residents are concerned about the on-street parking on Amersham on the Hill being restricted in potential new plans.

The parking in the area would no longer be permitted for 24-hours a day and would be stopped for two one-hour periods.

Residents have taken to Facebook to voice their worries and encourage each other to contact the Bucks County Council.

These range from having to walk 'miles' to their cars, their property potentially losing value, and visitors struggling to park.

One Facebook user said: "A significant issue here is that if most of Amersham on the Hill is a no parking area, it will just move the problem to the surrounding areas.

"It is evident that the whole plan needs to be stopped not just a few streets, hopefully with everyone's help this stupid idea will be stopped."

Other users branded the plans "absolutely ridiculous" and a "terrible idea".

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The council have a forum where residents can send in their thoughts as the plans are at an early-stage and have just been drafted.

Another Facebook user commented regarding why these plans have been made, they said: "The problem is residents have complained about commuters parking on the streets, the council have made this proposal, and now they're complaining again.

"Come up with a solution instead of just complaining."

Bucks County Council said: "We have drafted some maps with some suggested parking controls based on what residents and councillors have already told us. Councillors and Transport for Bucks want to ask everyone to help shape the proposals going forward.

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"The single yellow line restriction means that no-one can park during its times of operation, however disabled residents will be able to display their blue badge to park. If residents don’t like single yellow lines they can ask:-

• that they are excluded from the parking review, or

• they could ask for resident permit parking (residents would have to pay for a permit and visitor permits - £55 for the first permit per year, and £12 for a book of 10 visitor permits), or

• they could ask for the single yellow line to have a different time of operation or,

• another type of parking control.

"If no parking controls are introduced it is likely that the road will attract motorists looking for all day parking. This may make it difficult for residents and visitors to park at any time of the day."

Many residents remain unhappy about these potential changes and have written to the council in a hope to stop them.

You can have your say on the plans by visiting before January 14.