Beaconsfield's new MP has been to Downing Street to discuss South Bucks' "urgent" need for "critical" road repairs.

Joy Morrissey, who replaced ousted former Tory Dominic Grieve at last month's General Election, has been to number 10 this week to talk about transport and the crumbling roads in Bucks - particularly in Beaconsfield, Denham and The Ivers.

Harsh weather has seen dozens of potholes appearing in Bucks roads over the past few weeks.

Fed up residents have been reporting potholes and damaged roads in their droves on FixMyStreet.

Crumbling pavements were reported in The Briars in High Wycombe this week, along with a big pothole just passed Victoria Street, a pothole on a speed bump in Priory Avenue and one on the Abbey Way gyratory at the bottom of Marlow Hill.

In Beaconsfield, a large hole has appeared in Station Road and a broken road surface and "huge" pothole was reported in Reynolds Road, as well as one in Candlemas Mead, Ledborough Lane and in Stratton Road.

On social media, Ms Morrissey said: "Visited No 10 to discuss all things transport. South Bucks urgently needs critical road resurfacing and pothole repair.

"To fix the broken roads of Beaconsfield, Denham and Iver etc, I’m willing to 'knock on any door' from Westminster to Whitehall."

Ms Morrissey's visit to Downing Street was praised by Bucks County Council leader Martin Tett, who has long called for better funding for road repairs.

He has previously pleaded for better funding from government, saying: "We have underfunded as a country repairs on our roads, probably for decades."

Commenting on the Beaconsfield MP's visit to number 10, he said: "Good on you. All Buck’s roads need substantial work given the effects of three months of rain."