Visit a different country every day of the week in Desborough Road with a stunning array of cuisines. Sandra Carter goes on tour.

Ads promoting exotic holidays are everywhere this month, offering tropical vistas and tempting cuisines.

On Desborough Road near High Wycombe town centre, the views may not inspire a selfie post.

But you can taste a wide range of world street food within just one short parade.

We began our tour in Poland.

In the bright and roomy Bistro4You, on the corner with Desborough Avenue, all the famous dishes of Poland and its neighbours are on the menu, from sour rye soup to Russian dumplings.

We enjoyed a warming and delicious paprika-spiced Goulash Soup.

We noticed in the Polish supermarket next door a tempting array of Carpathian mountain style cheesecakes which would nicely round off a visit to central Europe.

While the welcoming community project Step In Cafe, which provides work placements for adults with learning disabilities, offers lots of home made UK food, for a taste of France try their croque monsieur croissant.

Jamaica is still on my dream list for a holiday, and Violet gives a taste of the Caribbean at Blue Lagoon, with several meat and fish dishes on offer.

Our jerk chicken was succulent, the rice and beans lightly spiced, the sauce tastebud-tingling, and the cabbage and pepper mix a perfect foil.

A few doors along is La Coco, a Nigerian cafe run by Bimpe.

She mostly serves coffee and cake, but so many people were asking for Jollof Rice - a goat dish - that she now keeps home-made tubs of the dish in the fridge.

It’s so popular that she had run out when we called. It must be good.

Then we headed for a taste of South India and Sri Lanka at Curry’n’Rice, where we found Ratey and his sister cooking for a party of 200 that evening, all vegetarian.

We watched through the open hatch as traditional dosa and idli (steamed buns made from rice flour) were prepared by hand, one by one.

We try mutton and aubergine curries, beautifully spiced but not too hot.

“The decor may not be much here,” Ratey admits, “but we offer real street food with the emphasis on quality home cooking by my wife, sister and myself.”

Along the road on the next corner is Turkish Kebab.

The traditional tall doner kebab was hanging near the window, while the chiller display held chunks of fresh chicken and lamb on skewers.

I chose a lamb kebab which was soon grilling over hot coals to give that inimitable flamed flavour and texture.

It came with rice, chips or bread, plus sauces and a fresh mixed salad.

Again, a very generous portion, and really delicious.

Next time, we’ll try the full mixed Turkish platter.

Sami, the owner, chatted while my lamb was cooking, telling me that he came to the UK 30 years ago after being a teacher of literature in Turkey.

He had worked in restaurants as a student, and has been bringing Turkish food to eager punters ever since.

Sizzler wasn’t on my holiday itinerary as it looked like a stay-at-home burger place.

Then I noticed the words peri peri and went in to ask about its style of food.

They do peri peri, grilled chicken with Asian sauces, naan from the tandoor… and much more.

“We’re intercontinental,” we were told with a smile.

On the far corner where Desborough Road turns left towards the bus station, our trip ended at Dosa Special, another tiny South Indian and Sri Lankan restaurant.

Unfamiliar dishes here include dosas (crisp rice pancakes).

I tried a traditional vegetable puttu kothu made with steamed ground rice, unusual and beautifully spiced, warm and comforting rather than hot.

Other food outlets along Desborough Road include Lyrena (Polish, shut when we were visiting), Chinese takeaway, fish bar, egg-free cake shop, burger bars and several supermarkets.

In just one short shopping parade, a wealth of world cuisines, excellent value for money, friendly service, and a real community vibe.