Elderly residents in Wooburn Green say they “cannot go on like this” amid fears their homes could be flooded during heavy rain.

Neighbours living in the centre of the village say they have repeatedly asked Bucks County Council to visit and unblock the drains near their homes – because every time it rains they fear their homes will become submerged.

One elderly resident who lives near The Green – and wanted to remain anonymous – told the Bucks Free Press that her and her neighbours “have been outside at all hours of the day and night” sweeping the gutters and the drains.

She fears if she does not do it, her home will become flooded – and says repeated requests for Bucks County Council to come and unblock the drains have been ignored.

She said: “Despite repeated online reports and phone calls from myself and others, Bucks County Council have said they will come and unblock the numerous blocked drains around The Green but have done nothing.

“I and my neighbour, both OAPs, have been outside at all hours of the day and night sweeping the gutters and drains to prevent our own homes being flooded but we cannot unblock the drains.

“A walk around The Green when it is not raining makes it easy to see the problem. I originally reported this to Bucks County Council in December 2018.

“In November 2019 I sent another report in to Bucks County Council via the Fix My Street website. We have to protect our own properties as best we can, but we cannot go on like this.

“Please can someone help us.”

There have been numerous reports from around Bucks about flooding as bouts of heavy rain battered the county.

Last week, former High Wycombe mayor Cllr Brian Pearce told the paper residents living in his ward in Cressex were “slipping in filth” because huge puddles forming on the pavement had left muddy debris behind.

A spokesman for Transport for Bucks said crews are ploughing through a long list of problem areas where flooding has occurred.

In a statement, they said: “Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) had a number of reports about flooding in Wooburn Green.

“We attended the site yesterday (January 8) to clear the flooding and to investigate whether there was a specific reason other than the extreme rainfall event the night before onto already saturated ground.

“No other issues have been identified on site and we believe the flooding occurred because of the large volume of surface water exceeding the capacity of existing highway drainage and not due to any damage or defects.

“There are still some locations that require attendance by our crews in the wider Wycombe area but we are working through them and planning any follow up work identified at each individual site.”