Chesham residents have reported various potholes across the town to the council, with the response that they've been inspected and no repairs are necessary.

On Aylward Gardens there are various potholes across the road, but specifically one large one which is roughly 3 inches deep.

Bucks Free Press:

There is one further down the residential road which is just under 3 inches deep and part of a rough patch of the road.

Bucks Free Press:

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A resident explains that they reported the larger pothole which is 3 inches deep and "18 inches wide", and that the council responded stating that no repair is necessary.

The facebook user then urged the public to "be careful if passing through Aylward Gardens" as the pothole will "damage your car" and be dangerous to bikers.

Other Facebook users explained their frustration with potholes in the county and how they're complaints aren't being dealt with.

One commenter said: "[This] happened to me too.

"Huge potholes at the bottom of my road reported but case closed immediately as it was felt that there was no need for action."

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Another user explained that compared to other parts of the UK, Bucks has some of the worst road conditions they've seen.

Another Facebook user was concerned about the pothole at the junction of St Mary's Way and Park Road.

They too reported it and were told that it had been inspected and wasn't in need of repair.

These complaints come amid others in Chalfont St Peter, and as Bucks County Council have pleaded with the government for more money to fix potholes, for more on that story click here.

The council have been approached for comment regarding the potholes in Chesham and are yet to respond.